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Locked out of on-site canteen, Alton, Hampshire

This job is to gain entry to a metal container which is being used on-site as a builders canteen. The key will not work (lock just spins) and the lock will not open.

We get a call to attend this job the following morning, 7.30am in Alton in Hampshire.

The job is to gain entry into a site canteen and make secure.  (Hmmm. I think – I might get a free breakfast, bacon & eggs!)

I arrive at 7.00am and the Forman greets me and leads me to the canteen. Turns out it’s a metal container on a building site with the builder’s kettle and microwave inside! (so, unfortunately, no free breakfast…) However, 15 minutes later there are 10 happy workmen and a proper builders cup of tea for me!

The lock had to be picked to rectify the issue and restore smooth working – we then serviced the locking mechanism to ensure the problem does not reoccur.


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