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High Security Locks | Horsham, Crawley & West Sussex

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British Standard 3621 Locks have all the following attributes & advantages

  • It can be deadlocked and the key taken away from both sides.
  • It prevents access or exit through the door without the use of a key.
  • The case and the bolt are resistant to drilling with standard tools for at least 5 minutes.
  • It has a mechanism that prevents tampering (picking).
  • The bolt must project into a steel keep by 20mm at least.
  • The locking bolt can take a sideways force of up to 10kg.
  • There should be at least 1000 different key cuts for the lock type before a key is repeated.

Most high security locks can be installed within the hour, ensuring your costs are kept to a minimum.

There are significant advantages of installing high security locks. First and foremost a High-Security Lock cannot be picked, bumped or tampered with. This means an intruder would be forced to use some other means such as drilling the lock with a high powered drill and high end bit or cutting it off with a torch, which is more than enough to deter 99% of intruders!

If you need high security locks for your home or business, don't esitate to contact us any time day or night. We also do not charge for call-outs.

And Our Prices Are Very Competitive, Which Always Helps! 



For a Fast Response & No Call Out Charges, Call 0800 999 1056 or 07500 677444